About Us

MOZACA  was founded in 2021 and is a fashion company that brings a brand new streetwear label to the market with attention to detail.

The name "Mozaca" stands for: More Out of Zone and Creative Art. This is also our mission statement and the message we want to convey.

MOZACA™ represents a unique theme from season to season and combines German streetwear fashion with the quality of high fashion brands. The focus is to combine fashion in an innovative direction with today's technology.

Even the smallest detail goes through quality control several times. For MOZACA  we spent a year selecting the best production facility and the best fabrics.

We have succeeded in combining high-quality textiles with an extraordinary style and a unique cut.

Our Story:

The fashion label Mozaca, founded in 2021, stands for a unique combination of urban leisure fashion
with high-quality materials and modern design. Literally, Mozaca is an acronym for More Out of Zone and Creative Art. Annual collections always follow a specific theme and got a worthy start with the Ljón Collection in the Mozaca Shop. Wide, comfortable cuts and the casual style perfectly capture the classic street look. Combined with durable, stretchy fabrics, products like the Mozaca Hoodie in a variety of colors make for ideal everyday wear that optimizes look and function.

Mozaca Clothing: Attention to detail in every
piece Products from the Mozaca shop are designed, produced, tested and finally put into production with strict standards. All individual steps take place within the company and meet the highest personal standards. In this way, the Mozaca Shop guarantees consistent quality with every copy. Whether it's a Mozaca hoodie or a T-shirt, the logos and lettering make the outerwear a highlight of urban fashion. Particular attention is paid to the digital designs on Mozaca

Clothing: These embody the creative spirit of the designer and set the outfits apart from the
big competition. Streetwear like the Mozaca Hoodie immediately catches the eye.
Ljón Collection: Bold entry into the scene With the Ljon Collection , which will debut on the market in 2021, Mozaca Clothing is making an immediate statement . The king of the beasts, for example, can be found in the form of an angular outline on a shirt in the series. On the other hand, on the chest of the Digital T-shirt from the Mozaca Shop, the lion shows his impressive teeth. Mozaca is just as dominant: clear designs and strong colors draw attention to the first pieces from the Mozaca shop.
The images on the front are symbolically emblazoned. On the other hand, Mozaca leaves the back of the collection
minimalist: a simple Ljón lettering on the neck is the only printing element.
Inspiration from everyday life: More Out of Zone and Creative Art
The fashion label Mozaca is an attempt to
depicting the varied life in just such clothing. While the former has its ups and downs, Mozaca Clothing represents a
dependable constant throughout the day. Only variable here are the brand's ingenious designs, which you can adapt to your mood and unpredictable expectations. But with the quality, cut and style of the brand, you can easily get used to the high standards.